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Centrix / Sep 06, 2019
After having raided for a few weeks, getting used to each other and figuring out the meta, we've entered a new chapter of the guild. We'd like to thank all the guilds that up until now have scrimmed with us. We've learned a lot and will definitely continue to do so.

Other than having a clear goal and knowing which issues we need to work on during combat, guild management has also changed certain things to ensure that this goal is reached. We hope to see this pay off in the near future.

Over the past month we've gained and lost a few members. We'd like to thank each one of them for joining our project.

We're still busy filling up our roster and therefore are looking for a few more competitively minded players. You can find out which classes we're still looking for on the left, in the Recruitment sidebar. If you're interested in joining don't hesitate to apply!

Before applying, we urge you to read the following:
We're looking forward to reading your application.

Good luck!